Gallotti & Radice, since the '50s, has been the first Italian company to experiment and promote the use of crystal in the furniture sector, that becomes protagonist of the collection in the home and office area. Gallotti & Radice has become a historic and reliable company thanks to the collaborations of different backgrounds designers, including: Ricardo Bello Dias, Pinuccio Borgonovo, Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, Carlo Colombo, Luca Nichetto, Massimo Castagna, Monica Armani. The strength of Gallotti & Radice is certainly the Made in Italy because everything is designed and produced entirely in Italy using 100% recycled material. In the large collection we mention the Lord table, Charlemagne, Raj, Square, Air Table; wherease in the series of complements, drawers and mirrors, George I, Niagara, Sole, Air Unit.

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