Arredamenti Zucchini was founded in the '40s thanks to Zucchini Nello. He began his long furniture-seller career as a craftsman by fixing straw and wooden chairs, working as upholsterer, introducing wool into mattresses.

Around the '60s, thanks to the experience gained in the past years, he devoted itself to the sale of classic furniture. He built the Zucchini Furniture Store in Camucia, a building about 1500 square meters divided into several floors.

In the '70s, Brunella and Luigi, him two sons, became part of furniture world, collaborating with their father in the sale. In 1978 Zucchini Nello built in Camucia a property still today futuristic called Arredamenti Zucchini of about 2000 square meters, commissioning in the furniture sale his son Luigi as owner.

Even today, the store supports the idea of high-level design requested by Zucchini Luigi and the collaboration of his sons Michele and Simona in the sale of the best national and international furniture brands.

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