Founded in 1946 as an artisan company, Cappellini quickly became a leader in the world of furniture and design. From the first approaches to international creativity, to the marketing of high quality items by designers as A.G. Fronzoni, Alessandro Mendini, Jasper Morrison, Rodolfo Dordoni, Tom Dixon, Fabio Novembre and Nendo who realize actual design icons as S-Chair, Bird armchair, Pylon Chair, Proust and And.

Cappellini items give, over the years, a connotation to the company to be linked mosly to the icon world. Cappellini continues to work with designers from around the world, different temperaments that do not create a real Cappellini "style" but that develop a balanced and convincing collection.

Cappellini is also dedicated to objects and accessories, creating in 1992 a collection of simple but high design home items. Object Project is the design of normality and synthesis: lamps like Meltdown by Johan Lindstén, or Big Shadow by Marcel Wanders, vases like Duo by Antonio Facco or Newson Vase by Marc Newsone containers like Cross by Thomas Ericksson.

The Contract division completes the heterogeneous offer of the Cappellini product, managing both " custom made " projects and paying great attention to customers that choose directly from the catalog. The contract division is a reality that offers design as an added value, makes available to architects and designers the different aesthetic languages of the most interesting names in the world of functional design.

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